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Survivalism is basically an attitude of being ready for sudden emergencies and situations outside the control of a government or a private organization.

Survivalism is generally a group of people or organizations that actively prepare for unforeseen situations, including local disruptions in the political or social order, on massive scales, including international.

Joe Matthews author of

Meet Joe Matthews

Joe Matthew's theory of disaster recovery involves creating a plan for getting through a natural disaster before it occurs.

Joe recommends preparing for long-term disasters and providing enough food and water supplies to survive for two weeks at home and one week at a local shelter.

Joe also suggests stocking up on items that are often taken for granted in our modern world, like fire equipment.

Joe contends that most Americans take for given some aspects in their everyday life.

One example is emergency fuel supplies such as gas, which are only sold at retail cost. 

Joe says that if fuel prices were to increase by 10 percent, the pump’s price would increase by about a third. This increase would lead to a rise in gasoline prices, causing an increase in gasoline prices.

Joe claims that if there was a disaster soon, there would be no way to provide sufficient supplies for many families. Instead, he proposes that people begin to take each other’s food and water supplies and donate them to other families in need.

Joe states that families will have more disposable income in the event of a disaster because they will no longer have to depend upon the state to provide for them.

Joe also suggests that after the disaster is over, the population will move back into the country’s rural areas. He says that this shift will result in an even smaller state that is closer to civilization.

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Hunting and kitchen knives.

One of man’s first tools, knives were first discovered at least 2-1/2 million years ago in the Oldowan artifacts.

Fishing and hunting

In recent years, the sportfishing industry has become very lucrative. It is estimated that in the year 2020, the United States spent over $12 billion on fishing.

Hunting Clothing and Accessories

Hunting has evolved from just hunting for sport or pleasure to an activity that has become more competitive.